Woman Dies Two Weeks After Finding a Tracking Device in Her Car

The ridiculous death of Abigail Saldana

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Abigail Saldana — An exotic dancer killed by a strip club frequenter
A beautiful dancer, like Abigail Saldana. Source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC by 4.0

Abigail ‘Abby’ Saldana was a gorgeous and multi-talented woman from Texas, USA. People remember her as this lovely lady with a contagious smile and a generous heart.

Now, Abby was hardworking and independent. She was into music, fashion, and makeup. She also had a 5-year-old son named Joseph, who meant the world to her.

So, to maintain her small family, Abby worked two jobs, as a brow artist and an exotic dancer. And she was incredibly good at her job. She kept herself busy, entertained, and happy.

Yet, none noticed the 22-year-old’s life winding down a deep dark hole.

[Trigger warning: explicit language]

All it took was three bullets

Two weeks before Abby was found dead; she found a tracking device under her car. It freaked her out that someone was following her. She made a video and posted it on social media, asking people to be extra careful.

On October 26, 2021, at around 8.30 pm, a witness called 911 about a horrific accident on Highway 183. They told them that a silver Hyundai sedan had bullet holes, and the driver was unresponsive.

The police arrived at the scene quickly and called in 22-year-old Abby Saldana, dead. She had been shot on her right arm and back.

At the scene of the crime, the police found three shell casings.

Uncovering dirty secrets

Abby was only a few miles away from the club she worked at and even had her dancing outfit in the car. So, the officers decided to visit the club.

The manager confirmed Abby was indeed their employee. He also told the officers that a customer named Stan was harassing her.

While the manager didn’t know who exactly this man was, he knew Stan was a military veteran and that he had been stalking and harassing Abby for a while now.

Stanley Szeliga

Based on the manager’s description, the police found this Stan guy to be Stanley Szeliga, a military veteran.



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