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MSc in Computing and Research. I write to feed your curiosity and make the world a better place to live. Best life tip: Remember to text your friends back!

From increasing your lifespan by 2 years to transforming you into an exceptional person, books can fulfill your wishes

Spiderman reads a book to boost his superpower
Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

Think before you speak, read before you think. — Fran Lebowitz

Last week, my friend complained that she hardly finds time to read books. I couldn’t believe her as she was one of the voracious readers I’ve ever known. She claims familial commitments and adulting to have impacted her reading habit.

The conversation piqued my interest. I wanted to know if this is true.

That’s when I came across an article in The Washington Post affirming that there is a significant decline in reading habits. Adults younger than 34 read the least, while those above the age of 75 read…

Master these rules to improve your writing quickly

A guide from the real experts
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Writing quality articles in English can be daunting, especially if you're a new writer or if English isn’t your first language.

I found it difficult to write quality pieces until I started studying the works of prominent writers. I quickly improved my writing by analyzing the anatomy and flow of their work, plus extensively researching and learning about grammar rules. Based on that, I’ve compiled nine obscure grammar rules that can help you write better articles.

As Joseph Harold Bunting, founder of Write Practice, says,

No one is born a writer. You must become a writer. In fact, you never…

How did we end up in a world where autistic children get groomed to run away from homes?

Alicia Navarro — The Arizona teen who went missing in 2019
Image Cropped from Source: Crime Scoop

Alicia Christiana Novarro is a happy-go-lucky teen. Born and raised in Arizona, USA, Alicia grew up with her two siblings. People remembered her as the sweet, caring girl who shared a special bond with her mother.

Alicia is a smart kid. She got good grades and often helped her friends with their homework. While she had a behavioral coach to help her manage school, she did pretty well. She was set to go to college and had a bright future planned.

Yet, life wasn’t easy for the 15-year-old teen.

Alicia is autistic. As much as she enjoyed moving around independently…

Are you ready to stargaze advertisements?

Coca-Cola space ad sending light to Earth
Source: LinkedIn

In June 2021, Elon Musk-led SpaceX signed an agreement with Canada’s engineering corporation, Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), to launch ‘Space Art’ using technology, cryptocurrency, and NFTs.

Space Art would enable artists to display their digital art from space. Space plaques developed by GEC will present the art. CubeSat, the mini-satellite used for space research, will project the art pieces on these plaques to display them. The project is named after cryptocurrency tokens, “Rho,” “Beta,” “Kappa,” “Gamma,” and “Xi.”

Source: Twitter

Currently, GEC is working on perfecting communication systems and channels, and SpaceX is trying to resolve its issue with the…

Nothing makes sense in one of the most obscure and notable unsolved cases of the 20th Century.

Yuba County 5 — Source: Twitter.

On a cold stormy February night of 1978, 55-year-old Joe Schons was on his way to his mountain cabin. He was planning a family ski holiday next week and wanted to check the snow and ski paths before the weekend.

However, since it was stormy, he got stuck in the snow in the middle of nowhere. Panicking, he got out of the car and tried to push it off the snow. But he couldn’t do it alone, and eventually started noticing signs of a heart attack.

Joe immediately got back into his car and turned on the engine to run…

You can now swim in its billboard

Adidas’ Swimmable Billboard — Beyond the surface
Adidas’ Swimmable Billboard. Courtesy: Mad over Marketing

A YouGov survey by Adidas concluded that only 12% of UAE women are comfortable swimming in public.

You may wonder that with gender prejudice, cultural preferences, and religious beliefs, 12% seem normal. But none of those reasons topped the list. Body-shaming and privacy took the top spots.

This isn’t a regional issue. Globally, women feel uncomfortable wearing swimsuits, especially when they’re sensitive about how they look. According to Japan Today, 94% of Japanese women don’t feel confident in swimwear. Plus, with brands like Victoria’s Secret setting unrealistic standards and objectifying women, the problem gets even more significant.

In 2017, Nike…

It really made people go, “What is it doing?”

#DarkIsHereToRule —Black  Tata Altroz
#DarkIsHereToRule — Tata Altroz. Screenshot from Tata Motors Website

“This account is now the property of #dark.”

This line was Tata Motors’ official Instagram bio.

Now, just in case you don’t know about Tata Motors, here’s a short intro. Tata Motors is one of India’s largest automobile manufacturers with a presence in over 100 countries. It was founded in 1945 and is a pioneer in mobility solutions. It is also the recipient of several awards for innovative product designs and marketing strategies.

I may already sound like a person from its PR department, but wait till you hear about the stunt it recently pulled.

Posts Go Missing

Now, imagine running a company.

This EUFA season, both channels and football clubs can choose the perimeter ads you see in every match

A Euro 2020 match with a FedEx Ad as stadium advertisement
Vladimir Jovović, Czech Rp.-Montenegro EURO 2020. Image by Tadeáš Bednarz is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Recently, football fans on Twitter went crazy when they found that channels can change the ads they show.

Now, most viewers would have overlooked this change. But when Oliur, a Twitter user, tweeted about it, it grabbed the attention of people worldwide.

The video shared in the tweet pointed out the differences in the ads. While the players were the same, the background ads were different in each channel.

Source: Twitter

He also shared a Reddit thread that explained the technology used. Virtual Replacement Technology (VRT) can help businesses cater to specific audiences. …

These stories can kick-start your journey to find your true self

4 philosophers after reading the 3 important stories of life
Photo by Shanthi Raja on Unsplash

Can we live better as a society if we understand the grander schemes of life?

Often, philosophy is perceived as a form of pseudoscience with little relevance. Even Stephen Hawking felt so. Sure, the world has seen a plethora of fake priests and philosophers, but some concepts and questions put forth are worth considering.

“It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure.”

— Albert Einstein, quoted in Max Born’s, Physik im Wandel meiner Zeit, 1966.


She was caught when she wanted to spice things up with a male companion.

Australia’s Lesbian Vampire — Tracy Whittington
Lesbian Vampire — Tracy Whittington. Source: Herald Sun.

On 21st October 1989, Elaine Baldock woke up not to find her husband next to her. She knew something was wrong.

Edward Baldock, a middle-aged man, loved spending time with his kids and grandkids. He was a council worker who got very little time off. So, when he got some free time, he decided to play darts and meet his friends for drinks.

Every time Edward went out with his friends, he always returned home or informed Elaine if he was late. So, when there was no information about his whereabouts, she got worried and registered a police complaint.


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