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Master these rules to improve your writing quickly

A guide from the real experts
Photo by Rita Morais on Unsplash

Writing quality articles in English can be daunting, especially if you're a new writer or if English isn’t your first language.

I found it difficult to write quality pieces until I started studying the works of prominent writers. I quickly improved my writing by analyzing the anatomy and flow of…

The Spotify of the 1950s was expensive yet fun

Shyver’s Multiphones
Photo by Richard Harris. Source: Flickr (Creative Commons License)

TThe year was 1953. In the middle of the night, a teenager named Kathy (named changed) entered a discrete studio with bizarre-looking machines and jukeboxes. She was in there to talk to some very random people. And she liked to start her conversations with a phrase that sounded like:


And the internet couldn’t have enough of it

Icelandverse — Inspired by Iceland
Source: Inspired by Iceland

In October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced to the world his vision of creating a metaverse. The metaverse will connect apps and reality to develop communities, create immersive experiences, and build a safe space.

The announcement ignited the internet. People were both excited and scared about Zuckerberg’s vision, and there was…

Can we finally understand what those classic folklores meant?

Source: PxHere (Public Domain)

AAbout 65 million years ago, a massive asteroid wiped the earth off of dinosaurs. Today, the closest memories this planet has of them are birds, bones, and fossilized poop.

For centuries now, scientists have been fascinated by these beasts that once dominated the world. The interesting fact about these beings…

Understand best practices to avoid tricky situations

Comic strip on plagiarism
Source: Wikimedia Commons (License: CC by SA-3.0)

As a writer, you want to leave a lasting impact. You want to write articles that are compelling, sincere, and relatable. But, it’s not easy.

When you embark on your creative journey, you come across some great recommendations from successful bloggers. …

Can we finally perfect the recipe for the philosophers’ stone?

Philosopher’s stone
Philosophers’ stone recipe. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

AArthur Dee was a young, impressionable Englishman from the late 1500s. Particularly interested in medicine, Dee became the physician of Tsar Michael I of Russia and later for King Charles I of England.

However, the physician had another hobby — alchemy.

Dee was so interested in alchemy that he’d spend…

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