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From increasing your lifespan by 2 years to transforming you into an exceptional person, books can fulfill your wishes

Spiderman reads a book to boost his superpower
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Think before you speak, read before you think. — Fran Lebowitz

Last week, my friend complained that she hardly finds time to read books. I couldn’t believe her as she was one of the voracious readers I’ve ever known. She claims familial commitments and adulting to have impacted her reading habit.

The conversation piqued my interest. I wanted to know if this is true.

That’s when I came across an article in The Washington Post affirming that there is a significant decline in reading habits. Adults younger than 34 read the least, while those above the age of 75 read…

Master these rules to improve your writing quickly

A guide from the real experts
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Writing quality articles in English can be daunting, especially if you're a new writer or if English isn’t your first language.

I found it difficult to write quality pieces until I started studying the works of prominent writers. I quickly improved my writing by analyzing the anatomy and flow of their work, plus extensively researching and learning about grammar rules. Based on that, I’ve compiled nine obscure grammar rules that can help you write better articles.

As Joseph Harold Bunting, founder of Write Practice, says,

No one is born a writer. You must become a writer. In fact, you never…

The Girl With the Motto — Live and Let Live!

Alola! Yeah, I’m a Pokemon fan too!

I am Shenbaga Lakshmi, but I enjoy being called Shenba! I am a Web Application Developer, an avid book reader, and a passionate traveller. I can speak English, Tamil and Hindi, but I talk to anything and everything. I have lived in 5 cities and am currently living my best life in Germany.

The author is sitting by a lake, facing the sunset in Sweden
Shenba in Sweden

I am an ambivert. You can find me roaming around the city, smiling at everybody. You can also find me sitting in a corner pondering over my life-choices. Both Yin and Yang!

I think I am a spiritual person. I…

Writing one-sentence paragraphs is not enough

paragraphs structure and formatting should be varied — small, long, one-liners, lists, mobile-friendly
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Writing a blog article is tough. Your readers are not marathon runners. Most prefer sprinting through your essay from the introduction to the conclusion as quickly as possible.

Universities train us to write long academic essays that may have complex words, sentences, and paragraphs. Your readers should either have some basic knowledge or be ready to do a lot of heavy reading.

However, blog articles are different. They must be concise, simple, and direct. You should value your readers’ time and make your article enlightening and straightforward.

Splitting your articles into shorter, manageable paragraphs is one of the easiest ways…

How much you earn, learn, or experience doesn’t matter

the loops of life forming a man
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Human beings are complex creatures with complex emotions, but freeing themselves from three main loops will help them truly enjoy life.

A dear friend of mine, whom we’ll call Rachel, went through some pretty rough times. She started feeling anxious about people leaving her when her mother passed away suddenly. Loneliness and depression affected her. To overcome her fears, she joined a small self-help group as she believed being an ally to people who feel the same way eases her vulnerabilities. It helps her in her journey of self-discovery and growth.

She explained the following concept to me.

Our brains…

All of us can reap the benefits of reading in 4 simple steps

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Do you remember the book that changed the way you see the world?

Books inspire you to do tasks that you otherwise don’t dare to do. A delightful novel will have you doubting your reality. It will drag you into its plot, and your association with the characters will blow your mind away.

As kids, we all loved reading books. Personally, Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl entertained me all day long. However, as we grew up, our priorities and interests changed, and we longer jumped into the magical lands of books.

Recently, I wrote an article about my friend who…

Use this technique to write compelling articles

A picture of four question marks, denoting the four questions to ask before using contractions.
Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Established writers advise you to use contractions in your articles.

Contractions are the shortened form of a combination of words. They’re colloquial and are often used with questions, negations, and common verbs. You can form contractions by omitting certain alphabets and replacing them with an apostrophe.
E.g., I am = I’m, You are = You’re, and Let us = Let’s.

I always used uncontracted words until I understood how to use contractions properly. Earlier, when I didn’t use contractions, my essays were less engaging, even though they were grammatically correct. …

Explore ways to speak up, set boundaries, and improve your mental health

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Do you apologize to avoid conflicts?

Remember the last time you apologized to your partner, boss, friend, or neighbor for no reason. Were you subconsciously compelled to ask for forgiveness?

Trust me. You’re not alone.

I ask for forgiveness to avoid conflicts and uncomfortable situations. Rejection and criticism make me nervous. I believe it’s better to apologize than have bitter relationships.

It took me a while to realize that I suppressed my genuine emotions by regretting circumstances beyond my control. The unnecessary apologies undermined my sincere apologies and lowered my self-esteem. …

Scientists believe that the world will suffer from bees’ inability to function well.

Bees pollinating a flower
Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay

Bees are getting dumb, and we’re going to suffer.

Recently, I enjoyed reading Coffin Road by Peter May. In the book, a scientist tries to unravel the impact of neonicotinoid-based pesticides on bees. The thriller then explains the effects of this impact on human lives.

Although only fiction, the book made me think about the influence of pesticides on bees. I wanted to know if the theory put forth by the book is true or not.

Researching more, I realized the theory is certainly valid. A study from 2018 analyzed research and pieces of evidence from over 100 experiments and…

Avoiding honey is not enough

A bee happily flying around
Image by yabayee from Pixabay

Veganism is beneficial to you and the planet. The trend is definitely rising as more people turn vegan. However, there’re several factors to be considered.

Recently, I came across a story published by The Guardian affirming that the almond industry, successful due to the rise in veganism, is one of the reasons for the decline in the honeybee population and severe environmental contamination.

Bees are incredible creatures striving hard to provide us a quality lifestyle. They safeguard our food, ecosystem, and livelihood. However, pesticides used in almond farms damage their brains and cause significant environmental damage.

Research shows that the…

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