3 Airbnb Hosts Beat Their Their Guest to Death for $210

They also wanted the police to support their actions.

Shenbaga Lakshmi


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In the quaint little neighborhood of East Brighton, Melbourne, three friends lived together.

Craig Levy was a 36-year-old chef. He was a loner who spent most of his time at the restaurant or at home.

Jason Colton was a 42-year-old guy. In his 20s, he moved to Norway with his girlfriend. But something changed, and he suddenly became an angry, violent person. He was arrested four times, spent five months in prison, and deported to Australia.

Ryan Smart was a 37-year-old roommate of these two guys. He had a pretty rough childhood and had to fend for himself.

This wild group of friends rented a 4-bedroom house together. It almost always had alcohol, drugs, criminal activities, and police around.

And in such a setup, the men decided to earn some cash by inviting people to stay with them.

[Trigger warning: Extreme violence]

Ramis Jonuzi

The men listed their extra room on Airbnb for a meager amount of about AUD$30 (~US$21) a night. And since it was so cheap, the room quickly booked out.

However, every single person who stayed at their place left terrible reviews. But the listing still kept getting new customers because of its rate.

One such person was Ramis Jonuzi.

In October 2017, 36-year-old Ramis booked the room for three nights.

Ramis was a warm, caring person. But he was going through some personal issues, and his life had turned into a hot mess.

He knew he needed to find a place to stay. He couldn’t live in his car forever. So, he looked for a cheap place on Airbnb and came across the listing in East Brighton.

Despite the place being rated poorly, Ramis booked it. He was desperate.

Everything felt wrong

As soon as Ramis entered the house, he felt strong negative vibes from the place. It seemed very hostile and sinister. He even texted his friend that he wanted to leave that house.



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